This expression: POOR RICH CHILD, my mother used to say it many times and I didn't really understand why until now, that I am the mother of two small children and I am reading a lot about positive education.

My mother worked more than 30 years in a school in a rich area in Barcelona. She was the teens' Chemistry and Physics teacher and she saw that most of the problems that some of her students had, came from the lack of attention from their parents. Some of her students failed, did pranks or more serious things to get the attention of their parents.

These adolescents when they were children had it all: a good school, a comfortable home, many extracurricular activities and the latest in technology or fashion clothes.

From a very young age their parents had taken them to the best places for their children to develop academically, but the parents had forgotten something much more important. To CONNECT with their children and GIVE THEM the necessary attention. Always busy with absorbing jobs and leaving the daily care at the hand of a babysitter.

I have learned that attachment is generated from when they are little with the person who cares for them. With the person who takes them to the park, who plays with them and who feeds them. For this reason, serious problems appeared in adolescence. Because some of those parents had spent a lot of money on their education but hadn't taken the time to connect with them.

And in adolescence it was when the problems appeared and the parents were very lost without knowing what to do. The life we lead is very stressful and getting worse with so much technology. But we should be aware and try to have a few quality moments with our Little Heroes every day.

Whether playing for a little while, taking them to the park or reading their favourite story. 

l that they are important and that they are what we love the most because we care about their little things. It's never too late and our Little Heroes will value this time with us much more than any material gift we can give.

And if you are looking for books to read to them every night. Because they will ask you to read it every night. Click on the link below, where you will find personalized stories with their faces printed on each page of the story. 


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