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Five ways to help your little Heroes develop a love for reading:

Five ways to help your little Heroes develop a love for reading:

Today is World Book Day at school and our little Heroes dress up their favorite book I'm a Hero Books (

World Book Day has a strong connection with schools, and it’s used worldwide to allow school our little Heroes to engage with reading and their favorite books. It’s not just a day to indulge a love of books, but also a day where children and young people can gain access to books.

There are significant personal rewards that come from having a love of reading. The little Heroes who love to read get to feel the joy of being lost in a good book. It's like the real world falls away. Your little Hero is inside the story and gets to experience the adventures right along with the characters.

We would like to recommend five ways to help your little Heroes develop a love for reading:

1. Create a space for reading:

It is important to establish a comfortable space for reading as well as set aside time for leisure reading.

2. Ensure access to books:

The little Heroes who have easy access to engaging texts do more reading.

3. Let our little Heroes choose books:

The little Heroes better-enjoyed reading and did more leisure reading when they chose their books. When forced to read a book selected by a parent or teacher, they did not always enjoy the reading and sometimes did not read the books.

4. Read aloud:

Reading aloud fosters a love of books in our little Heroes, and helps children get hooked on books as they associate reading with pleasure.

5. Talk about books:

Having discussion about books is another way to spark children interest in reading and in books. However, these should center on books that might appeal to the child rather than on the books you as an adult find engaging.

We wish you enjoy a beautiful book day little Heroes!!

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