About Us

I'm a Hero company is a project that has been created with the aim of passing on values to children through reading. And what better than making them part of it?

Children will enjoy and learn by reading stories where they themselves are the heroes. The stories have very enjoyable pictures that will captivate young and old alike. Each story is created and specially customised for each child. You can choose the language, include a photo and write a nice dedication. 

They are stories of real quality, with a hard cover, high resolution printing and laminated sheets that are waterproof.

The best customised children's books!

Behind the Heroes

The inspiration

Once upon a time, there was a family who lived and worked in Barcelona, and they had a sweet little girl, who loved to read stories. When the little girl was a year old, her dad was offered a very interesting job in a faraway country. They thought it was a great opportunity for all of them, so they decided to go. On the day they were leaving, their family gave them a story drawn by uncle Arcadi, where the photos of all the family appeared, so that the little one didn’t forget them. When the girl saw that story, her face lit up with happiness. Since then, that was her favourite story to read every day, over and over again. So the mother thought it would be a great idea for all children. That was how the idea of Imaherobooks was born and how the mother started creating personalised stories for children. So now uncle Arcadi balances his dream of designing houses and illustrating the tales.