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Night Terror

Night Terror

Night Terror

Hello Hero Mums,

These last few weeks are becoming a bit complicated with going back to school.

As many of you know, I am lucky to have two little Heroes.

They look a bit physically similar, if you saw them you would say that they are brothers, but in character they are completely different.

Carlota is a very sociable girl and Bruno is a more reserved boy.

Bruno and Carlota have started Y1 and Y3 respectively,  two weeks ago.

The problem is that since he started school, Bruno has started to wake up some nights screaming and crying for 30 minutes. He looks like the kid from the exorcist. And in the morning he doesn't remember anything.

The paediatrician has told us that they are night terrors.

I don't know if any of you have experienced it. What do you already know? How bad is it? And for those who have no experience of it, believe me it's horrible! I think it is much worse for the parents than for them.

Well, the point is that when you read about it, it seems like it's a normal thing that happens to 15% of little Heroes when they're really tired or distressed about something.

That same night, at story time (a few years ago I discovered that it is our moment of connection, it is when they open up and explain to me the things that have happened to them during the day, before there is no way) I asked him:

- Bruno, is there something that worries you?

He replied:

Yes, I don't like school because I can't play anymore. I have to do a lot of homework and I get tired.

I froze, I had asked him thousands of times after school how he was and he didn't say anything. And I thought he was happy.

How important it is to make our little Heroes talk. Now I know how I can try to help him.

In the next weeks, I'll tell you about the tips I'm learning from professionals to deal with this.

But in the meantime, if you want to have a moment of connection at story time. You can see if you like any of our personalized stories made with soul.

I'm sure they will, since the feedback we've received from all of you has always been AMAZING! All children love it!


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