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Little Heroes, do you want to become an astronaut 👨‍🚀?

Little Heroes, do you want to become an astronaut 👨‍🚀?

On Tuesday 9th February, the impossible became possible! The UAE celebrated the arrival of the Hope Probe into the orbit of Mars!

We hope you and your little Heroes watched this great triumph and hopefully it has inspired them to think more about our universe. Maybe they have talked about wanting to become an astronaut? This could be the perfect opportunity to discuss future careers with your little Heroes, so why not show them some of the possibilities with the I'm a Hero at Work Book. (

Watch your Little Heroes' eyes light up when they see themselves floating in space! 

To celebrate, we will offer you a 10% Discount off the I'm a Hero AT WORK book. Use the following code at checkout until 28 of February.

                                  CODE: probe_hero

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