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Breaking News!

Breaking News!

Breaking News!

We are pleased to announce that I’m a Hero books has expanded!

Your little heroes love reading our stories, now watch their eyes light up when they see themselves in their own calendar or on their own board game. 

Now, we have all aspects of your little heroes' lives covered! They can read, learn, play and organise with I’m a Hero. 

  •  Have fun, with Heroland game!
  •  Educate, with values they will learn in each book!
  •  Read, with our personalised books!
  •  Organise, with our personalised calendars!

We have just launched two new products; Heroland the game and I’m a Hero calendars! 

Have a look at our new and updated website ( where you can see all of our exciting, new products!

Thanks for all of your support over the past year. We are pleased that you have been a part of the I’m a Hero journey and this is just the beginning!!!!!




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