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Personlized Books For Schools

I'm a hero for schools

I am a Hero has created a super, special and unique book that you will fall in love with! It is called ‘I'm a hero in the school’. A memory that will last a lifetime and that children will not forget.

It is a special story as it is personalised for each school and for each class. It is unique because all members of the class will be the heroes within the story. That is to say, the names and photos of all the students within the class will appear in the story. The story also includes learning the values of diversity, friendship, resilience, effort, teamwork and healthy living.

It's a lifelong memory of classmates from their school in Dubai. Children will enjoy seeing themselves reflected in the story and doing the school’s daily activities.

If you are interested in your school taking part, please contact us via email ( and we will be happy to explain the story to you in detail.


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