Back to school – New year, new teachers, new friends, new challenges! | I'm a Hero
Back to school – New year, new teachers, new friends, new challenges!

Back to school – New year, new teachers, new friends, new challenges!

Back to school – New year, new teachers, new friends, new challenges!

The first few days of school is always a mixture of feelings; excitement and some nerves at the same time. This year has been especially unusual with the current situation and no-one knew what the new academic year would look like. Although it has been different for every school and for every family, everyone has had to adapt to the new ‘normal’. This can be especially difficult for our Little Heroes. So, whether you have chosen to continue online distance learning, or your children have gone back in to school, we hope that your heroes enjoyed their first week back and have settled in well.


Back to school tips

  1. Talk to your Little Heroes. This year is like no other and it will be confusing and challenging for them. Reassure them. We are all in this together!

  2. Practise wearing a mask. Reward your Little Heroes for wearing their mask correctly! Don’t forget a special bag to put it when they eat and they can use a mask extension hook to prevent the mask from falling from their ears.

  3. Talk to your children about the importance of good hygiene. Show them how to wash their hands properly and don’t forget to pack their hand sanitiser!

  4. Socialise safely. Our little heroes will be so excited to see their teachers and classmates again, but they need to know that they still need to keep a safe distance. Teach them new ways to say hello, like Namasté.

  5. Set a good example. Our Little Heroes follow by example, so make sure you practice what you preach!


Make sure you check out the activity page on our website, where we have added a free ‘Back to School’ colouring activity for you to download for your Little Heroes. We hope they enjoy it! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @imaherobooks when they have finished their activity. There will be a free book for the winner.

We wish all of your Little Heroes an enjoyable new academic year and we hope that they continue to love reading, don’t forget to share your reading photos with us!

Keep safe and keep reading!


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  • I have a 6 year old daughter and we have been really worried about her going back to school. Thanks for the tips – especially about the bag to put the mask in when she’s eating – I hadn’t thought of that!
    I love the look of your books, going to buy the “At Work” book now! Can’t wait to receive it!

    Kelly on

  • I bought one for my daughter and every night she wants to read it! She is learning a lot with it! Thanks for your fantastic book! :)

    Maria on

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